Infinite Spirit album release

infinite spirit travis danny
Infinite Spirit is the debut studio album from Travis Danny. Released in 2017, the experimental album was an introduction into the world of sound manipulation and house groove in an unmatched approach. The album the abstractive essence of rhythm, energy, groove, and inspiration which was translated through each track from start to finish. The album starts with a relaxed and ambitious pluck sound backed by some dramatic drum that transcends to a buildup and clashes into a muted drop. The purpose was to surface the fact that we can celebrate and enjoy our surroundings in a musical way and the drop compliments the spirits of our existence subliminally. Then it keeps the progression and merges into the next track where the further celebrates our struggles and unexpected occurrences in a tone that moves us. Speaking of moving, go ahead your life is all about keeping the journey in pace and never look back. May the darkness come may the night come but the dawn will rise and night will be nothing but a gloomy blur in our memory – is the vision for nights up. Nothing comes close and nothing will – Beat ninja – a fictional character from the ancient spirit that takes over you in a cinematic and ghostly way. Extending the energy further sustained, Proton – is where it all clashes once again and tears up every fiber of your haziness in the brightest way possible. To set the plot and dimension of this journey of infinity, the track – Eternity, rapidly takes over and sends us into the trance beyond time and space. After all, we are nothing but a cage filled with spirit and the power of this entity is found in this track in a futuristic way. The journey goes light-years beyond anything and we pause for a heavenly tone and rhythmic ambiance in a most vibrant way possible. Future may take us far but time is a parallel circle of frequent intervals and we experience the past in the track Blues groove – where the vintage flavor of 90’s vibe and the color is felt. May our journey end but our spirit is infinite and the essence goes beyond physicality – Hasta la Vista - the goodbye of this journey and a tribute.