Travis Danny | Artist Biography

Travis Danny is a record producer born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, an internationally recognized music artist mainly focused on Club music. He developed his passion for music from an early age and started to learn various musical instruments, especially drums and synthesizers. As a club enthusiast, Travis Danny was inspired by the rhythmic dance groove which resulted in him starting electronic music production from 2013 onwards.  He was heavily influenced by the boom of the progressive house during that period and started to sketch against that curve. In 2017, he debuted his first studio album 'Infinite Spirit' as an experiment of genre-mixed sound which consisted flavour from progressive house, Big room, trance, tropical house, dubstep, retro 80's vibe and so on.

Evolution of Sound and Genre

From an explorative point, Travis Danny started to dissolve into other branches of music and worked behind the scene with various artists from different genres other than strict EDM. His experience of drum programming, synthesizing, mixing, and mastering was contributed to other genres of music and artists through collaboration. Ultimately his long-sealed interest in Hip-Hop genre gradually exposed and prioritized his focus accordingly.

Artists like B.I.G, Tupac, DMX, Run-D.M.C, Sean, 50, N.W.A, Snoop, etc is what grew up with listening to and looked up always for inspiration. His all-time favourite Eminem, Kendrick and Cole helped him to find his passion for lyrical intuition and poetic endeavour.

Peaking at the Right Time

Coming from a club music background, Travis Danny is heavily interested to sketch and shape his music for the floor and have his way with it. Which leads to his sparkling interest towards the mixture of trap and rap-rock oriented tracks that he is currently focusing on at this stage of his musical journey.

« Music is the genesis of a supernatural dimension we converse with as a gateaway to state of higher pulse and spiritual climax»
- Travis Danny